Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Yes dear visitors, sand at Nirvana beach is white like this as visible in photo, at least 6 months a year, then it changes color ! Photo of Gladius taken on Nirvana beach in February 2012.

Dear guest, Nirvana Nature is a simple place, with simple cottages on beach, its not at all a luxury place, if you like luxury places, then, this is not the place for you !

Nirvana beach has the most livable and wonderful climate, never hot and you do not need air-conditioning. Nights are cooler and you need to use thin blanket.

Toilets are shared, though, big, clean, western style, with showers and are next to cottages.

Cottages are made of Coconut leaves, Bamboo and natural material, though beds are comfortable, with clean bed sheets and blankets.

WiFi work, very well in entire premises, tree house and hammocks, sun beds are there inside courtyard to relax !

Occasional Mosquitoes, Lizards, mouses, frogs are also part of natural environment here. 

We have dogs and cats also here, so, if you do not, like them, then this is not the place for you.

People who likes quietness, nature, no crowd, no noise, do not get drunk, makes no noise, find no faults with our place are welcome here. Guests, who argue, finds short comings in this simple nature place, better find another place.

We run this place for pleasure and not for money, so coming here and giving us hard time, is the least thing we want, some time power also goes.

I, Kamal will welcome you, if I am present, when you arrive.

Nirvana beach in a December morning, turquoise and transparent  

Nirvana beach right end corner

Nirvana Nature, red water lily pond with tropical fish and lord Ganesh

Lord Dattatreya pond

Goddess Lakshmi at Nirvana Nature

Lord Venktesha at Nirvana Nature

Lord Hanuman at entrance of Nirvana

Tropical jungle at Nirvana

View of  Nirvana beach from tree house

Double bed cottage with extra bed for 3rd guest

Triple bed cottage, bed sheets yet needed to be put, with locker

Guest on treehouse

Your Safety first- Often, few guests asks us, how safe is the Nirvana beach and Nirvana Nature is for ladies and guest who visit as couple, then we assure you that, this beach is the safest for ladies, the people around are respectful and the guest who visit our place are respectful to other guests, this is the kind of energy this place has, and we the management do not allow to stay, any guest, we feel, may  not behave properly. 

Nirvana beach at Sunset

Next, if you are not a swimmer, then we request you to not to venture into sea, specially at Monsoon, when sea is rough, otherwise the beach and sea of Nirvana beach is wonderful and good for swimming. 

In the night 3 dogs are on guard. So no worries. 

Lord Ganesh at entrance

Guest at Nirvana beach

Guest at Nirvana Nature

Court yard of Nirvana Nature





Nirvana Nature security dogs

Gladius on Nirvana beach in Monsoon

Nirvana beach right corner

Backpackers at Nirvana beach

Backyard of Nirvana Nature, the lotus pond, the natural water comes from ground filtered by sand 

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A birds eye view from Nirvana hills of Nirvana beach

Please, read these information carefully, to have no 
confusion, left to know the location to reach here. Please type, Nirvana Nature, Kagal, India in Google map, you will find direction till the main road of Kagal village, stop at Kagal Kannada shala bus stop and then take a left on small road going towards beach direction and after one and half KM you will find Nirvana Nature on Nirvana beach ( Bircodi Beach).

Location on Google map
loc: 14.499139,74.361069 (Nirvana Nature)


Hammock and sun bed area at Nirvana Nature

Short cut route from Om beach and Gokarna town to Nirvana Beach- Take a bus or auto from Om beach or Gokarna town, till Tadadi port, cross Aghanashani river by public ferry, 10 Rupees per person, take the bus at Aghanashani, which is always waiting for ferry passangers till Kagal village at a stop called Kagal Kannada shala bus stop  and walk to the beach direction to Nirvana Nature, or give a call to us, we will come and pick you up at this stop.

How to reach Nirvana beach from Gokarna's Om beach or from Bangalore, Bombay and Goa?

One of the easy way is to take a boat, from Om beach and you reach Nirvana Nature at Nirvana beach !

Other way is to take a train till Kumta town next to Gokarna train station and then take an auto or taxi till Kagal village ( Hubbangeri village) and reach Nirvana beach.

Shiva temple at the middle of Nirvana Nature

Other is to take a bus till Kumta Town and then an auto or taxi till Kagal village (Hubbanageri Village).

Nature cottage, simple but comfortable beds with white clean bed sheets, and free WIFI

From Goa you can take train from Margao (madgoan) till Kumta town, next to Gokarna train station and then an auto till Kagal (Hubbanageri village) and Nirvana Nature at Nirvana beach.

                                         Security dogs at Nirvana Nature, very gentle with guests



Guest on tree house


Your bikes could be parked inside in full safety

This place is for nature and peace worshiper.

Restaurant area

Outside beverage, snacks, food can only be consume in your own cottage, Its not allowed, in restaurant, tree houses and in sitting areas such as hammocks, sun beds etc.. Kindly respect that.

Kindly do not expect luxury and high services, its a simple, clean. nature place with simple amenities and a restaurant with homely food, veg non veg and seafood. Thank you for your understanding.

My mobile number is 0091-74068-37496 of Nirvana Nature, Nirvana beach, old name Bircodi beach,Kagal (Hubbnageri Villge) Kumta, Karnataka.

If this number is off then pl call my other number 0091-99704-44637 of Goa. SMS is always the best way.

Facebook id- Tantra Kamal
Email- gaurkamal@hotmail.com

But some time answer of email can get delay, if I have no internet access !

Lord Ganesha's statue everywhere

Ample parking place at our doorstep, right on beach for cars and minibus.

Buses also reach at Nirvana's door step, right on beach


Small details

Nirvana Boat

Art in Nirvana Nature


Shiva temple in Nirvana Nature.

Sea creatures on beach.

Can visit Yana rocks and caves.

You could visit Siddi people, the African tribes settled  in yallapur.

This place is good for model photography, it provide, rocks, jungle, sand, waves, sea and dramatic locations to do good work.

Please reduce the map to see the location in Google map by clicking on URL

We are exactly, in the middle of all prominent places around and are situated right on beach ! Gokarna and Om beach by short cut route, by crossing the ferry is 7 km, by car 40 km on left, Murudeshwara is 40 km on right, Jog fall is 90 km on right, Yana rocks and caves are 40 km in straight direction. While you come from Bangalore, Kumta town comes before Gokarna and you need to get down at Kumta to reach Nirvana Nature on Nirvana beach.


Our place in Goa, if you please choice is yours !!!!!

Tantra is a popular place on Anjuna beach to eat and stay, among the young international bag packers and budget tourist ! Situated right on beach is just 25 meter from water and on the right side forming the border of Flea Market.

It a colorful place, decorated by art, vibrant fabrics, comfortable Maharajah style sitting sofas and cushions on 3 floor wooden decks, facing sea. Everybody can have their own private sitting, like kings and get the service of drinks and food on any floors. One can rent these deck for sleeping as well.
Climbing up and down on these tree house, eating and sleeping is an life time experience, its an unique place, which you will not find anywhere else.

Often guests coming staying here becomes friend forever, because you have no other choice but to develop a bond. Place has its own love and spiritual energy. Completely covered by trees and beautiful furniture, this place has its own charm.

Mornings, afternoon and evening are magical here with lounge music, gives a romantic feeling of Goan beaches and sea. Considered as one of the most friendly and serene place in Goa for visitors and tourists.

Contact-   Kamal Gaur- mobile 09970444637 and 07406837496 for reservation and information for stay.

Email-      gaurkamal@hotmail.com

Facebook-  Tantra Kamal

Facebook page- Tantra Anjuna

You tube to see the place-   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sxl-t2RCDew

On Google map- Tantra beach shack and huts, Anjuna, Goa,  to find direction to reach here.